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Taxes, etc

Facist Nationalists
14-11-2004, 14:35
Can I change my income tax rate, where government money is spent, etc???

Thanx 4 any help given.
Right thinking whites
14-11-2004, 16:03
by answering issue
Random Kingdom
14-11-2004, 16:45
Not directly, but I suppose that if you accept an issue option with "Sure, it'll cost the citizens a lot" or something like that, you can expect tax rates to raise. Not sure about lowering the taxes, or changing from a "much higher for wealthy" to a flat rate or vice versa, though...

Same with shifting government attention: you can't change it directly but answering an issue (especially the budget one) with something from the perspective of the ministry you want attention to shift to.
19-11-2004, 06:27
Most of the issues after 99 raise taxes no matter which option is selected. There are only a few which lower them. Many discussions on this topic can be found in older threads. You can either look for them or you can TG this nation and I'll tell you what the more significant ones are. Generally, more government programs means higher taxes and less government will lower them.