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This issue needs a middle ground!

08-11-2004, 03:01
Animal Experimentation Laws Under Scrutiny

The Issue
Scientists and animal rights activists have once again brought up the debate over animal experimentation to your attention.

The Debate
"What have those poor, defenceless animals ever done to us?" asks May Washington, owner of the East Resquide squid Sanctuary. "Kidnapping these helpless creatures from their habitat simply to stick probes and needles in them is just barbaric! How would you like it if someone caged you in a lab and conducted tests on you just to find out whether a new product was fit for sale? Experimenting on animals ought to be banned!"

"It is not unethical," replies Dr. Konrad Jong-Il, the chief surgeon at Resquide's largest Cancer Research Clinic. "The unethical thing to do would be to deny the public of the benefit of the great scientific advancements we're making! If we have to sacrifice some animals in the name of science, healthcare, or a commerical venture, then that's just what we've got to do! Think of the lives we could save! All we require is more government support and funding for this worthy cause."

Okay, so the SENSIBLE thing to do for a government that tries to please everyone would be to say that animal testing can be used for medical and/or scientific research but not commercial testing.

This issue is like many others in that it completely and utterly lacks any middle ground whatsoever. Can someone fix this? Please? It's annoying.
08-11-2004, 03:54
No. They won't fix it. They've made it clear they won't edit issues that are currently circulating. All you can do is dismiss it. I hate dismisisng issues too but sometimes there just isn't an option that fits what I would do.