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My first issues

30-10-2004, 17:23
Here are some issues I've been working on. Can people with experience in issue writing give me some tips? Thanks.

Title : Wombats all over!

Description : Wombats have been hitching a ride to our country with recently arrived imports. They have begun to take over the local ecology. IF we don't do anything all that will be left will be wombats!

Validity : Nation should have a fairly good economy for this to be valid.

Options :

[option]"This is why we need to be more careful with our customs!" Says environmental activist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "From now on we should carefuly check all imports for undesirable wombats, even if it slows down the economy a little."
[effect]a customs department has been recently established
[stats]Economy down one rank, environment becomes more pristine

[option]"Who cares about some wombats? All that they are killing are the baby @@ANIMALS@@ anyway." Says @@ANIMAL@@ hating businessman @@RANDOMNAME@@. "If we maintain an easy flow of goods through our nation our economy will be world class forever!"
[effect]Borders have been left wide open for trade, the @@ANIMAL@@ is reduced to a dozen or so living in zoos.
[stats]economy up one rank

[option]"It's not the wombats that worry me. It's the illegal immigrants." Says conservative lobbyist @@RANDOMNAME@@. If wombats can sneak into our country, people can too! I say we take steps to close off our borders to unwanted migrants.
[effect]The population regularly blames immigrants for unemployment.
[stats]civil rights down, economy down, populace intelligence down

Title : Special @@CURENCY@@s

Description : In honor of a recent anniversary of an important historical date for @@NAME@@, special issue @@CURRENCY@@s are being printed!

Validity : Nation should have a certain level of economic freedom and economic strength.

Options :

[option]"There is only one choice for who should go on the coin," cabinet member @@RANDOMNAME@@ says honestly. "It has to be you, oh great leader. Nobody else has done anything of worth for our country."
[effect]Celebration of @@LEADER@@'s birthday is mandatory.
[stats]Public apathy increases

[option]"We have many great military icons to chose from." Says General @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Why not look into our past and chose a great military figure to put on the @@CURRENCY@@s?"
[effect]Ticker-Tape parades are routinely thrown for the triumphant military
[stats]Increase Arms Manufacturing Industry

[option]"Why not honor one of our economic heroes?" Suggest CEO @@RANDOMNAME@@. "After all we have many to chose from!"
[effect]Money is viewed as the way to measure one's success in life.
[stats]Economic Freedom increases, Rich-Poor Gap Increases, Largest Industry Increases

[option]"I think the best choice is to honor a person who struggled for civil rights back in the dark days before we became enlightened." Says college student @@RANDOMNAME@@. "I think we should reward conscience and courage, not savagery or greed."
[effect]The people honor the memory of civil rights heroes.
[stats]Public Apathy decreases

Title : The National Past-Time!

Description : Various sports enthusiasts are hotly debating what sport should be the national past-time!

Validity : Must have decent economic freedom

[option]"What's the most popular sport in the world? Football (Soccer) of course!" Says shaven head hooligan @@RANDOMNAME@@. "I mean high kicking, low scoring and ties, ties, ties! What more could you want in a sport?"
[effect]A premier league has recently been established, and several shops were burned down in post-game riots.
[stats]Economy Up, Apathy Down, Crime Up

[option]"That's not even the real football." Says three hundred pound former star defensive tackle "Boncrusher" Smith. "We need the sport of quarterbacks and hard tackles and immaculate receptions!"
[effect]The @@NAME@@ Football League has recently been established, with the capital city @@ANIMAL@@s off to a undefeated start of the season.
[stats]Economy up, Apathy Down, Intelligence Down

[option]"Football and Football are fine." Says starting shooting guard @@RANDOMNAME@@ "But the real sport is basketball. Nothing requires the skill and grace of my sport. There is nothing else like it!"
[effect]Children in playgrounds across the nation are ditching their homework to practice their dribbling.
[stats]Economy up, Apathy Down, Youth Crime Up

[option]"Take me out to the ballgame!" Sings lifetime fan @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Baseball is truly @@NAME@@'s pasttime and it always will be!"
[effect]everyone looks forward to spending the summer in the bleachers of a baseball field
[stats]Economy Up

Title : Endorsement deals for athletes?

Description : Star athletes are taking huge endorsement contracts from leading companies, leading many to complain that such a practice corrupts the pure competitiveness of the nation's favorite game!

Validity : Must have responded to 'The National Past-Time' Issue, Must have not dissolved the soda industry.

[option]"Athletics is a business just like any other form of entertainment." Says lawyer @@RANOMDNAME@@. "It is not for the government to choose who wears what while they play."
[stats]Corporate logos cover athletes from head to toe
[effect]Economic Freedom Up

[option]"Not only should the government tell the players who to endorse, they should tell them to wear the endorsement of my company!" Says Slurm soda CEO @@RANOMNAME@@. "With the boost I get from advertising the government will be able to rake in all sorts of extra tax dollars."
[stats]Athletes can take endorsement deals, but only from government approved companies.
[effects]Soda Industry Increases, Commerce Department grows

[option]"No way no how!" Says old sports announcer @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Back in my day you had to work a day job if you wanted to be a superstar! Today's athletes are too spoiled, we shouldn't let them get any more money than they already have!"
[effect]Star athletes often leave their teams for more gainful employment.
[stats]Economic Freedom down

Title : Olympic Games

Description : There are talks of Olympic games in @@REGION@@. Should @@NAME@@ send its best athletes to compete?

Validity : Must have responded to 'The National Past-Time' Issue.

[option]"Of course we must have national try outs and select the athletes who perform the best!" Says long jumper @@RANDOMNAME@@. "We'll send the best we have, make sure they are steroid free, and sweep the competition!"
[effect]The @@NAME@@ Olympic team did very well at the recent @@REGION@@ Olympics.
[stats]apathy down, cynicism down

[option]"I don't think we trust this to our best. Why not use our best science to create a stronger and tougher type of competitor using muscle enhancing drugs? That wy we'd be sure to win!"
[effect]Rumors fly around about why the 'womens' swim team did so well in the recent Olympics.
[stats]Crime up

[option]"Why compete?" Asks nationalist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "We know we are the best, and we can't trust those other nations to run a fair contest. Let's just have our own national competition instead."
[effect]Nationally ranked athletes are leaving for other countries so they may compete in the Olympics.
[stats]happiness down, apathy up, cynicism up
Liverpool England
31-10-2004, 01:20
Issues should not conflict with RP, I'd think. The Olympics Games one isn't suited to be an issue.

Also, you need to have a 500m population to submit issues.
31-10-2004, 01:47
I submitted a similar one to the Olympic issue a while back.
United White Front
31-10-2004, 04:34
Also, you need to have a 500m population to submit issues.
it gives her/him time to work on them