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Press Getting Too Free?

Ice Hockey Players
30-10-2004, 06:11
After two respected newspapers printed completely false stories that caused a stock market decline, angry protests, and many lost jobs, social advocates are clamoring for something to be done. The issue is over a long-standing law that prohibits governmet interference with media publications.

[option]"This is an outrage!" clamors angry protestor and social advocate @@RANDOMNAME@@. "My brother lost his job because of a false news report! I lost over a thousand @@CURRENCY@@s that I had invested in our valued @@MAJORINDUSTRY@@ business! We must forbid these respected newspapers from lying to the people! This so called 'free press' has a dark side, you know, and that's that people with all the money and power control what other people believe! Make newspapers and TV stations print the truth or face the consequences!"
[effect]reporters often lose their jobs over fact-checking errors
[stats]political freedoms decrease, cynicism decreases, economy increases, government size increases

[option]"What? We're going to restrict the press?" cries out @@RANDOMNAME@@, noted civil libertarian. "We have had a free press since the beginning of this great nation, and why should a few liars ruin it for the rest of us? People can determien for themselves what stories are true and what stories are false, and we would be insulting our national intelligence by insisting otherwise!"
[effect]truth is often impossible to tell from fiction on the evening news
[stats]political freedoms increase, cynicism increases, rich-poor gap increases, government size decreases

[option]"You know, no matter what we pick, we're going to make people mad," points out @@RANDOMNAME@@, a trusted adviser of yours. "but the best way to rebound from this situation is to nationalize all the presses and put them under government control. Imagine if every citizen of @@NAME@@ woke up to hear "@@MOTTO@@". Soon all the people will be under our control! MWAHAHAHA...err, and the government can certainly be more trusted than profit-driven moguls, right?"
[effect]all news sources are under strict government watch
[stats]politica freedoms decrease, patriotism increases, government size increases, cynicism decreases
30-10-2004, 17:14
Why would having a free press increase the rich poor gap?

Other than that looks like a good issue.
Ice Hockey Players
30-10-2004, 19:37
The idea is that the use of a free press makes media moguls really powerful at the expense of the average person. Maybe there's somethign similar it can be changed to, though I already submitted the issue.