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Why Cant I Say Yes To Beauty Paegents?

28-10-2004, 08:03
Tigranistan Decides:
Tiara Sign of Oppression, Declare Feminists

The Issue
Tigranistan's upcoming hosting of a major international beauty pageant has upset some citizens concerned about the message it puts across.

The Debate
"These beauty pageants are a disgrace to women everywhere!" shouts feminist campaigner, Elizabeth Broadside. "They objectify the female body and re-enforce negative stereotyping! They celebrate the appearance instead of the personality! What message is this sending out to our children? Do we want them to think shallowness and vanity are virtues? Ban beauty contests! We must focus the education of our progeny on ethics and equality or suffer the consequences!"

"I agree that the pageants should be banned," pontificates renowned moralist, the Ever So Slightly Reverend Tobias Love. "But purely in the name of moral decency! All those fashion stores that sponsor these contests make lots of money from this blasphemy and that is just plain wrong! These women wear revealing clothing that seek to entice and seduce young men. As such, we should go a step further, and institute a dress code! Long, plaid skirts for the girls, with necklines that never drop below the base of the neck! Only then will the women of our nation be cleansed of sin!"

"What in the name of all that's decent and good are you talking about?" exclaims Faith Dodinas, leader of the egalitarian civil rights movement 'Everyone Is Equal, Dammit'. "Obviously these pageants will always be sexist unless they're open to everyone. Admiring women only for their beauty is an insult to their intelligence and the beauty of men! It's dually sexist! Open up the pageant to both sexes!"

note i can say yes, but in a kinda weird way... cant there be an option to leave issues as there is, after all you dont get anyone wingeing about the olympics and how thats bad because your only admiring the athletes for their talent in sports.
Liverpool England
28-10-2004, 08:43
Dismiss the issue.
28-10-2004, 11:08
yeah.. i know, but i wish i could make the choice...

i reckon an extra choice should be added to the issue, because its incomplete, after all, dont the paegent people themselves have anything to say?
United White Front
28-10-2004, 15:29
they dont add to issues in use
28-10-2004, 15:39
I totally agree with the topic starter, i have met several issues that i wished had an extra option, sometimes an inbetween, since a lot of issues are extreme.
example: i had a strike of the largest company, the workers demand 20% raise
the management wants nothing..

I would have agreed on a raise, but a low one. come on, 20% isn't normal at all... really absurd.

And there have been more.

That's i guess the disadvantage and the result of everybody being able to write an issue.

So i want to ask everyone, please take in some more options then only the extreme ones, i know extreme is fun to write, but hey, come on..
i dont want to have to dismiss (a lot of) issues
United White Front
28-10-2004, 16:05
see posts 19 and 20