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health sector issue idea(enbryon)

21-10-2004, 16:37
Title:should health care be a right?

Description:reaction of a news paper article "the farmaceutish industry wants to increase prices"
Validity: for all nations


[option]"i just coudn't believe this article,say mr hawkinwind .i'm myself handicaped and almost all my (little)ressources goes for the cost of drugs i need,thought i'm pretty sure i don't need them all(quality of life is as much important).I just fight all my life try to convince my friend that i never ask to come to this world,so i will say no increase of drugs and the right to health care is as much important as the housing,education right ,and the right to have food,therefore it should be free for all and be include in human rights declaration"
[effect]prices goes down to null
[stats]a parallele biomedish sector developpe

[option]"really i think that we must let a sort of natural selection,and if it means the price must go up,then let it be,after all without drugs we will not even debate about anti depressief to let you believe we all leave in a illusion and we won't need drugs anymore say retired marechal groin"
[effect]prices increase
[stats]mortal rate goes up

[option]"the purpouse of this article was only to point out that the cost of finding new drugs is becoming exponantiel whe are looking for a new way to bring those cost down,by experimenting with volontaire to speed up the process of makin them.but those days nobody wants to,we don't have choices but rising the prices to insure everybody get's the medecines they need,say vice president of farmacopy associated"
[effect]prices increases
[stats]people must voluntair at least once in their life(civil rights goes down)

this is my first one .constructive criticisme needed
Combined Will
29-10-2004, 15:12
Right. Editing so that it's readable ^^ and might have a change of being accepted.

Title: Should Health Care Be A Right?

Description: After the publication in a mainstream newspaper about pharmaceutical companies (mainly Farmocopy) planning to raise prices, there has been a debate on whether they should be allowed to or not.

Validity: for all nations


[option]"I just couldn't believe this article," says @@RANDOMNAME@@ ".I'm handicapped myself and almost all of what little @@CURRENCY@@s I have goes towards the cost of the drugs I need, even if they don't seem to do much. I didn't ask to come to this world, so why should I pay to stay here? Healthcare should be a right, the same as education as all those others things everyone takes for granted!"
[effect] All pharmaceutical companies now rely on the government to buy their drugs
[stats] economy down, civil rights up, taxes up, healthcare becomes a higher priority

[option]"Why don't we leave it to natural selection?" asks manager @@RANDOMNAME@@ of Suspiscious Pills Inc. "We need the price up otherwise we'll go out of business, and then no-one will get any drugs, will they! We need to cut out the weak if the @@NATION@@ is to survive!"
[effect] the mortality rate has rocketed as no-one no longer seems to care
[stats] economy up, civil rights down, apathy up, healthcare becomes a lower priority

[option]@@RANDOMNAME@@, the editor of the Daily Rag, claims that "the purpose of the article was only to point out that the cost of finding new drugs is rising constantly." @@RANDOMNAME@@, the head of Farmocopy, also joins in. "We need some way to bring it down; how about forcing everyone to undergo at least one medical trial new way to bring the costs down? That'd work."
[effect] there is a lucky dip as to whether you'll walk out of your enforced medical trial with one head or two
[stats] economy up, civil rights down, healthcare becomes a higher priority, happiness down

I've had to paraphrase it a bit, and have also bunged in some of the Nation specific macros to make it more relevant.
29-10-2004, 15:40
ok thanks for the tips and few changes .it's however a good start
english is my 3rd language so thanks again