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Should Democracy be Compulsory?

17-10-2004, 15:41
In response to a slow news week, certain highbrow newspapers have stirred up the debate over voluntary vs compulsory voting.

Mr. Calvin Nagasawa has been very active on this issue, and the Parliament has put that into account as of late.

"Compulsory voting makes about as much as sense as having the death penalty for attempted suicide," says civil rights activist Calvin Nagasawa. "You can't force people to be free! You can only give them the choice. Besides, if all those derelicts who can't be bothered to get off their ass once every few years voted, who would they elect? I shudder to think."

He brings up a valuable point that not everyone is 'into' politics.

Right-Wing Commentator, Anne-Marie Washington believes that EVERYONE should vote. This could be a hard route to go on, being not everyone is 'into' politics, but a view is a view in our Republic!

My outrageous half-brother is at it again! Telling me to scrap the elections... Even though this will probably get no support, we'll see.

It also has come to my attention that we have a crime problem! So over the next few weeks-months i'll be kincreasing funding for police so they can get out there! But the parliament will probably have to vote on it....
17-10-2004, 15:46
President J03 903 voted. He is the odd number, so we shall never have a tie!
17-10-2004, 16:26
So far 100% of parliament has been backing a choice to vote!