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That dueling issue.

08-10-2004, 13:42
Why are the only options 'ignore,' 'all the way open' and 'ban all pointy objects.'?

When I tried to legalize dueling, I was envisioning something along the way of how duels were in the Vlad Taltos books - if you had a beef with someone, you went down to the government dueling pits, registered, and (if they were also willing to settle the matter with the point of a blade or a pistol,) fought to the death in a regulated environment.

NOT allow murderers to escape justice by claiming it was a duel.
The Audubon Ballroom
08-10-2004, 19:31
True... I think if both people are angry enough that they want to fight to the death, or even to the first blood... then they should be able to.