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Why only 2/day? v.v

Pier Cove
18-09-2004, 22:17
I admit I missed the boat when I first heard about N.S.--I didn't sign up early... and now I want to catch up with all the big kids, but I can only get 2 issues a day! :( *whine* :(

Would it be possible to set up a link "Request more legislation" so I can get more issues?

18-09-2004, 22:44
Not going to happen.
Pier Cove
18-09-2004, 22:47
Could you tell me why? WHat's the logic behind that decision? Server load?
18-09-2004, 22:49
No, it's just that we don't want to change it the number of issues you can get.
18-09-2004, 22:56
I've only been in since june or something and ive already seen most of the issues.
Pier Cove
18-09-2004, 23:05
No, it's just that we don't want to change it the number of issues you can get.

Again... why?
18-09-2004, 23:28
This question has been asked and answered about 2000 times. Scroll down this forum and you'll see what I mean.

Anyone who has been here a few months is sick of the issues, and everyone new wants more. They've given you the choice of 0, 1 or 2, and if you're patient you'll eventually see most of them (not all, as some have prerequisites). This is the best middle ground they can give, and it's been clearly stated multiple times they they aren't doing a lot of new coding for a free game.

New features will be incorporated into NS2. Check out that forum for more details.
Pier Cove
18-09-2004, 23:42
I'm only getting one page of threads... if I had seen it asnwered before, I wouldn't have asked.
19-09-2004, 00:57
You've got your profile settings set to show only recent topics.

Go to / Edit Options (, and scroll down to Default Thread Age Cut Off. Change that to Show all threads. Save Changes.

That should do it.