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Unrealistic Issues

27-08-2004, 05:02
Since NationStates is a sim game, I expected the issues presented to nations to be a little more realistic. The facts and problems discussed usually are realistic, but the choices of government positions provided are not. After reading the 2 to 4 options, I often realize that the most reasonable is never there. Ok, this is subjective, the most reasonable, but in several cases, the measures normally taken by real countries to deal with the very same issues aren't present. I think the nations should be more serious when submiting issues. Not that all humour should be banned, but the more realistic options should be present always. We usually have to choose between two opposite and radical options.

The Democratic Republic of Nassar
27-08-2004, 05:12
Take a look at this thread. Your question has been answered there.

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27-08-2004, 14:29
Heh heh...

Yeah, everything in this game is ridiculously exaggerated, to make it clear to you that something is happening in you nation - just not necessarily what you wanted. That's why they gave you the dismiss button - to avoid the possible horrors of some of the options.