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Submitting "Issues" Question

26-08-2004, 13:02
How long does it take, approximately, from the time an "issue" was submitted to you get an approval telegram, if it is accepted?

I have submitted one and was just curious.
26-08-2004, 13:52
This belongs in the "Got Issues" forum, but it usually takes several months. Sirocco gets about a zillion of the things each month, and has to go through them in time blocks. You can ask him what time block he is currently working on, but I think he would still be in late 2003.
Unfree People
26-08-2004, 15:33
Sirocco has a nice little FAQ ( with the information of where he is in editing issues at the moment.

Issues from July to the end of March 2004 have been finished. All issues submitted during that period have either been deleted or coded and put into the game.

The batch we're working on now extends from April to the 18th of August 2004.
26-08-2004, 16:46
Unfree People is correct. Please check the FAQ for your question. If it's not there, feel free to ask.