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"Follow-up" issues

24-08-2004, 09:24
Title: When Hunger Strikes
Description: After the government legalised the right to protest, hundreds of prisoners across the country have taking to hunger strike hoping for an early parole.
Validity: Valid only for nations which have legalised protesting. Not valid for nations which have abolished prisons.

[option] "We can't let them do this!" Excliams the Surgeon-General, @@RANDOMNAME@@. "We have no other sensible option but to force-feed any hunger-strikers for their own safety."
[effect] the government frequently force-feeds hunger strikers
[stats] civil rights down a bit, law and order becomes government priority, pizza delivery becomes major industry (heh)

[option] "What a barbaric abuse of personal liberties," shouts the head of a civil rights group. "We can't let them starve to death, we have no choice but to comply with their demands. I don't see the problem when it's by non-violent means."
[effect] the government is frequently coerced by non-violent protests
[stats] civil rights/political freedoms up, crime becomes a problem

[option]"Comply with their demands? How ridiculous!" replies the warden of one of @@NAME@@'s largest prisons. "They can either eat, or they can starve. It's as simple as that, really. Complying with their demands will only encourage more of the same, and we can't go releasing prisoners just because they refuse to eat!"
[effect] the government completely ignores hunger strikes
[stats] civil rights/political freedoms down, *something 'good'*

I'm not happy with the effects/stats on this one, but I do like the basic premise of it.

Title: Syndicate Shenanigans
Description: After the government rules graffiti legal, software giant MicroCosm has plastered one of @@NAME@@'s most famous landmarks with it's corporate logo.
Validity: Only valid for nations who have legalised graffiti. Not valid for nations which have outlawed capitalism.
[option] "It's all part of our exiting new ad campaign," says MicroCosm spokesperson @@RANDOMNAME@@. "We certainly hope the government won't flip-flop on the issue of displaying public art, nor persecute @@NAME@@'s businesses."
[effect] corporate logos cover public areas
[stats] economy up, happiness down, retail becomes major industry, commerce becomes a govt priority

[option] "It's an eyesore!" shouts a protester through a megaphone. "In the name of decency and public opinion the diabolical practice of corporate graffiti should be outlawed for good! What's next, logos on our trees?"
[effect] public areas are adverising-free zones
[stats] economy down, political freedoms up, environment becomes govt priority

Classic 'business vs environment' format.

Comments, please!
24-08-2004, 09:58
Not valid for nations that have shut down Microcosm.
24-08-2004, 14:53
Could you add a third option, a moderate one that is a compromise of both?
24-08-2004, 17:32
Does the game really keep track of what issues (specially) that we've responded too?

I am worried that your validity test might not be coded into the game. But I could be very wrong in my assumption as well, because I like the general idea you've outlined. :)
24-08-2004, 23:46
Protest is a political freedom, isn't it?