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Citizens Struggle Under "Unfair" Tax Burden

03-12-2003, 02:19
Warning, responses may have spoilers.

The issue is:

The Issue
A recent poll has revealed high levels of dissatisfaction among the populace about tax rates.

The Debate
"Do you know how much of my year's work goes to the government?" demanded angry worker Freddy Longfellow. "Too much! Government spending has gotten way out of control. It needs big cuts in welfare, health, and education. But leave those subsidies to business alone. We need them to create jobs."

"It's not the AMOUNT of tax, it's where the burden falls," says student activist Melbourne Falopian. "And at the moment, far too much of the burden is falling on the poor. People on high incomes still have more money than people on low incomes. I don't think I need to say anything more than that."

"I don't object to the amount of tax, I object to where it's being spent," says social reformer Elizabeth Mistletoe. "I'd like to see everyone have a choice as to where their pecuniams go every time they fill out a tax return. Everyone would feel a lot better about opening their wallets if they had a say as to where the money went. I think you'd see a lot more public money going to education and a lot less to business."
The Government Position
The government has yet to formalize a position on this issue.

If you wish, you may simply dismiss this issue.

Does anyone know what the responses are? I've heard that some people say tax cuts increase your economy while I've heard from others that thay descrease it. I'm pretty high in all three catoagories and I'm looking to not reduce any of them, though I am looking to up my economy. Which one should I pick? Thanks
03-12-2003, 02:33

I am not at all sure about this, but, by looking at the options presented you would need to remember that each point is being made by a different "member of society".

So I would guess, that, the first option would lower social welfare and all that, ya know, education and health, etc, but would not effect or maybbe could even benefit the economy by still helping business.

Option two, I would guess, or at least hazard one, would probably effect social welfare positively, etc, as it would result in taxing the richer members of society, while effectively giving a tax cut to the poor and socio-economically disadvantaged.

Option three, well, I would say really helps edu and health and social welfare, etc, but will hurt the economy by bollock's-ing business as it would remove the government support of the business field, thus probably stinging your economy in the arse slightly.

Anyhoo, thats what I am guessing, I personally went with option one, as I wanted tax cuts for my fellow citizens, while keeping business strong, as I am pro capitalist and do not want anything to hurt my economy, like that damn labour union bill, damn commies . . .

Well, thats it, from this Rep of Komokom.
03-12-2003, 14:39
If you don't want any decrease, dismiss the issue. Each option will increase one of the three catagories at the expense of the others.
04-12-2003, 02:10
I choose the 3rd option. It's a good choice, I think.

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04-12-2003, 04:12
Aha, now I know what started my first nation's economic downfall. :lol: