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My issue Idea

01-12-2003, 07:10
Here's my Idea for an Issue, I'm going to submit it in a moment, just wanted to know what some people thought:

Title: Embezzlement Scandal!

Description: This week the CEO of @@NAME@@'s largest Bank was found to have Embezzled over 30 million @@CURRENCY@@ into Swiss Banks!

Validity: Not Valid for Nations who have Anti-Capitalist Laws

[option] "This is the greatest crime of all!" Yells @@RANDOMNAME@@, leader of the Unionization Movement in @@NAME@@. "Not only do these companies steal from their workers, but now they're stealing from themselves too! They're selling out Humanity! Corporations are evil! I say we break up the companies that commit crimes, and give the workers lots and lots of money, as compensation for this thievery right from the worker's Pockets!"
[effect] Workers earn Millions by claiming their Company's use animal testing
[stats] Economy greatly drops, Commerce greatly shrinks, Civil Rights rise

[option] "Outrageous!" @@RANDOMNAME@@ remarks sarcastically. "I'm totally and completely shocked that a Human was stealing... Anyway, this just shows that no human, in any walk of life, is free from Human Needs! And we aren't going to rewrite the Human instincts, so lets just legalize Human needs!"
[effect] Drugs and Prostitution are legal due to the Government's 'Help Human Needs' laws
[stats] Gambling Industry grows, Gambling is legalized, Alcohol is Legalized, Tabacco is legalized, Drugs are Legalized, Economy rises, morality greatly drops, crime rises, Commerce grows, law and order greatly drops, civil rights rise

[option] "Good lord... Those two are just insane!" Cries @@RANDOMNAME@@, leader of the 'Parent's Against Everything' group. "We don't need to grab for the money, or legalize it! Just prosecute the bastard! Then put up lots of laws to prevent this from happening again! Then the Government should watch these Businessmen and arrest them the second they commit any crime!"
[effect] Vice Presidents are sent to Prison for 10-20 for Loitering
[stats] Economy falls, Morality greatly rises, crime drops, Law and Order rises, tax rises

[option] "Oh come on..." Your Minister of Police rolls his eyes. "It's not the biggest crime of the century! We need to focus on crimes that actually hurt people, and ignore these white Collar wackos!"
[effect] Corporations are filing bankruptcy due to Legalized Embezzlement draining their funds
[stats] Economy rises, commerce rises, crime rises, law and order rises, civil rights drop, political freedoms drop
01-12-2003, 07:59
Hmm, not bad, but I don't like the fact, that it is a SWISS bank. RL and VL should be two different things.
01-12-2003, 08:07
Why would the third affect the economy detrimentally? Wouldn't the fact that businesses stay in business at least not affect it?
01-12-2003, 09:42
It's a good idea, but the trade-offs seem too harsh and thus I foresee many people dismissing the issue. If you could change one of the economy falls choices with an economy rises choice, I think less people would dismiss the issue. Good, but not quite there.

Frigben: If the businessmen are arrested for every little crime they commit, they won't be able to do their job almost at all, thus causing their business and the economy to fall.
01-12-2003, 11:12
I like it. I don't even mind the swiss bank refrence(though if you do decide to change it, might I suggest bigtopian banks).
Azores Islands
01-12-2003, 12:48
Oh..Let him stay with the Swiss Bank! It's a good reference which is even used by lots of games!
Emperor Matthuis
02-12-2003, 16:47
swiss banks is something that you shouldn't put in an issue because it is too personal, i would stick to Bigtopian or make something up like Evanese, Mirtish something like that...and i know it sounds good but swiss banks can't stay also some of the effects are very extreme make one that is good for business and tone the extremism down a tad and it will be good!!!
02-12-2003, 18:52
Why not the more generic "off-shore" term?