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idea for barter system issue

30-11-2003, 08:19
i am new to the NS system, so i don't know your systematics - however i liked the idea of an issue i came up with the other day and would like to share it with you all:

it is discovered that some of the citizens have organized local exchange structures so as to barter their goods and services at a peer level, outside of the economy.


(1) the concept is great for the communities - the government supports this activity 100%. "fight materialist consumerism!"
[effect: bad for the economy, great for civil freedoms]

(2) an exchange program is such a great idea that the government will operate it and even integrate it with its own currency and economy.
[effect: ok for the economy, ok for civil society]

(3) a horrible idea that will reduce financial transactions, thus damaging the market economy and hence GDP. these schemes must be banned!
[effect: great for the economy, bad for civil freedoms]
30-11-2003, 08:24
of course this may not be a new issue at all, and i just haven't come across it yet.
Emperor Matthuis
30-11-2003, 22:15
you need longer options and good idea but you need to look at issues you get and see how long and interesting they are issues can't be like this "Ban cars across @@NATION@@ says @@RANDOMNAME@@ [effect] cars are banned they have got to be more interesting
01-12-2003, 22:47
From one newbie to another, may I say that is a good idea...and courageous of you to put that forth.

...I guess that's why you're the guinea pig :lol:
02-12-2003, 05:23
thank you. i appreciate both of you guys (matthuis & dinathrad) giving me some feedback and support of my idea .

are you familiar with the LETS program (Local Exchange Trading Systems/Schemes) ( )?... this and similar are quite common; and were actually my muse for this brainwave... there is one operating near where i live and i am thinking of trying it out.

that said, i don't see what there is to be courageous about - i had an idea and suggested it.... that's the purported reason of this forum is right?

if some pathetic individual out there wants to come in and critique petty semantics (as oposed to the substance of my concept) - oh well, i got way bigger issues in my real life.

(this is not an attack directed at anyone, promise... i just would like to see people have more confidence in expressing their minds)

take care