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Gunman kills three...needs another option

Emperor Matthuis
29-11-2003, 18:26
the gunman kills three should have a new opton because you can ban the public from guns, gund are banned for everyone or run programs but there is nothing for the individual who wants guns like an option like this

[option]"No way!" cries @@RANDOMNAME@@ a very patriotic olympic shooter for @@NATION@@. "Guns are a part of our culture and history ever since our hero @@RANDOMNAME@@ founded this glorious nation many years ago we have always had guns and always will have! I say we invest more money in this great sport and help our economy as well!"
[effect] allow guns and invest money in arms manufactoring
[stats] economy increases

i like it any thoughts?
29-11-2003, 19:58
Very nice. Quotes are a bit long winded, but I like the part about the national hero.
30-11-2003, 12:03
*stares in shock* That. Kicks. Ass.
30-11-2003, 13:23
I like it, but there are no downsides to this. Shouldn't health be affected?
Emperor Matthuis
30-11-2003, 22:13
maybe i liked it but it won't be accepted or anything just for show really...i just thought wheres the twisted issue for the gun loving southerner so i made one
06-01-2004, 16:49
Go for it :P
06-01-2004, 19:09
I agree that there needs to be a more mainstream option for that issue.
07-01-2004, 06:05
Herm, I prefer my resolution to that issue. This issue needs to have something else to it for the effect and stats portion. Perhaps, for the effect at least, should be worded something like "rifle sales and gun accidents reach a new high" to give the opinion that the option does have its downsides.

Each issue should have an advantage as well as a disadvantage, so that the issues are balanced.

- Sovy K.
07-01-2004, 07:41
crime is increased
07-01-2004, 12:46
Nah, crime would be the same or lower. Criminals can already get guns. The same is said so often for the drug industry - if we can't control it, legalise it. Why not for guns? :p However, I'm pretty sure health levels would drop due to the increased amount of gun accidents.
Rational Self Interest
07-01-2004, 18:29
There's no prima fascia reason to suppose that crime would either increase or decrease; any decrease in crime would depend on cultural factors such as the actual willingness and ability of citizens to take their own defense into their own hands. Any increase in crime would depend on an increased available of guns to persons who would not commit crimes if they didn't have guns, which is highly speculative and conditional.
Our own data suggest that an increasing prevalance of firearms has no consistent impact on the overall rate of crime; it may, however, affect the composition of crime (with more shootings and far less burglaries, rapes, muggings, etc.), which is not possible to reflect in NS stats.

Firearms accidents are very far from being a significant contributor to overall health levels. Some improvement in the economy might be in order, and there should be an increase in civil rights. If there's any effect on crime, it should depend on other characteristics of the nation.