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Please Look at and Help!

27-11-2003, 21:59
Which choice is best for the economy.I'm so confused about how to get my economy back up. :?

The Issue
The international community has appealed to Convict to increase humanitarian aid to the world's poorer nations.

The Debate
"We must increase foreign aid," says beaded local peace activist Abraham Steele. "Compared to some of these nations, Convict is swimming in certs. Let's face it, not every nation in the world is lucky enough to have a government like ours. Let's show some compassion to our less economically gifted neighbors."

"Talk about a way to flush certs straight down the toilet," argues Think Tank member Billy Christmas. "What I've noticed is that whenever we do give something, it's never enough: a few years later they're back asking for more. The best way to help these poor nations is to stop shielding them from the logical consequences of their idiotic, long-debunked socialist economic policies."

"Relief wouldn't hurt us... if we 'relieved' the right countries," suggests government advisor Al Mistletoe. "We give them a little humanitarian aid, they give us access to their Information Technology markets... it's win-win. Nothing wrong with a little quid pro quo, especially for a good cause."
Further Maths
27-11-2003, 22:01
Forget your economy. Give the aid. I've had an imploded economy for months, and I help everybody.
27-11-2003, 22:03
An imploded economy is not good and it doesn't help me in a war. So you give and that makes your economy go down.
Super American VX Man
27-11-2003, 22:04
Number three is the best for the economy.
Emperor Matthuis
29-11-2003, 18:01
i agree number 3 will help your economy
29-11-2003, 18:08
Number 3, baby!Woohoo!
29-11-2003, 18:18
#3 all the way!!
01-12-2003, 18:21
I believe number three is all that.