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Effect of New Issues on NS Political Mapping.

27-11-2003, 13:52
It would seem to me that the new issues are having a marked effect on the political map.

Prior to them being released, my nation was pretty stable as an Inoffensive Centrist Democracy. Recently it has been several things and is now a Scandinavian Liberal Paradise. I believe our region now has a much higher percentage of Scandinavian Liberal Paradises and Democratic Socialists than previously.

Is it me, or are the new issues having too dramatic an effect on the political status of nations?
27-11-2003, 16:17
All issues have a dramatic effect. It's just that with the initial 30, we learned how to use them the way we want. My economy was at Frightening and then when the new issues came, I bumped from powerhouse to all consuming to thriving and now Im at all consuming again. Think wisely on the issues, look at each option and think in a drastic sort of mind, what affects it might have.