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National Curfew for Young People?

Ice Hockey Players
22-11-2003, 07:05
The issue: National Curfew for Young People?

A recent middle-of-the-night crime spree, complete with grand theft, property damage, and the defacement of government monuments has been traced to rowdy young people under the age of adulthood. Many citizens have called for a nationwide curfew for all minors.

The debate

1. "Send the kids home at dark already!" demands @@RANDOMNAME@@, who is a self-described "concerned citizen" whom others see yelling at every young person in sight. "If kids can't do something by eight o'clock at night outside, they can't do it at all! Kids being out is the whole reason for the crime rates beign what they are! Send them home at eight!"
[effect]all minors are forced off the streets by eight o'clock every night
[stats]youth-related crime decreases, civil rights decrease

2. "What will kids learn from just being taken home for violating curfew?" asks hard-lining police chief @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Make them spend the night in jail, and maybe even miss some school for violating curfew. Kids will barely want to leave the house! The streets will be peaceful at last!"
[effect]minors are frequently taken to jail for violating curfew
[stats]education decreases, civil rights decrease, youth-related crime decreases

3. "The chief has the right idea, but it isn't going far enough," complains @@RANDOMNAME@@, the president of the @@NAME Association of Retired Persons. "Anyone can be a criminal, not just those darn kids. Let's see how hot the middle-aged think they are if they have to be home at sundown. Curfew should be for everyone except the police and the government. Besides, people need to learn to rise and set with the sun more anyway. It's good for the body."
[effect]the streets are said to close at sundown because of the national curfew on all citizens
[stats]crime decreases greatly, civil rights decrease greatly, economy decreases

4. "Curfew? That's outrageous!" cries @@RANDOMNANE@@, the president of the @@RANDOMNANE@@ Civil Liberties Union. "If kids are out after dark, it's their parents' responsibility, not the government's! And if adults are out after dark, it's their own business! There are 24 hours in a day! Let people make use of all of them as they see fit rather than dictating when people can be out!"
[effect]a growing number of residents are choosing a nocturnal lifestyle
[stats]crime increases, economy increases, civil rights increase, devoutness decreases

5. "Surely we overlook one key issue with this curgew, though," argues ultra-conservative evangelist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "And that is, how do we protect the women of @@NAME@@? We all know that having women on the streets after dark only leads to them getting raped. Besides, if we get women off the streets after dark, they will be home to serve their husbands, which is what they were intended for anyway."
[effect]special laws for women effectively reduce them to second-class citizens
[stats]civil rights decrease, economy decreases, devoutness increases, crime decreases
22-11-2003, 08:04
I like it. I really like it.

1 would have a negetive impact on civil rights and a moderate decreace in youth-related crimes(lesser decreace in overall crime). Possibly a slight decreace in intelligence(extra curicular activities, like sports or debate teams and such, would be restricted to daylight hours for pratice and play. This would limit their effectiness as an incentive for students to study).

2 would have a negetive impact on civil rights, have little effect on crime(as minors who formerly wern't criminals simply for being outside at night now will be) and also lower the intelligence of the populace(as students miss school for anything from pratice running late to just being caught taking out the trash at night.

3 would have a significant negetive impact on the economy, though it's also decreace crime rates some. Civil rigts would also suffer.

4 should include a slight boost to the economy(from buisnesses springing up or altering their hours to cater to those with a noctournal lifestyle). Crime rate should either hold steady or increace slightly(on the one hand, there's more people out at night, and having people out and about can serve as a deternt to most minor crimes[ie vandalisim], however this also means more homes empty at night, which would entice criminals). And a slight boon to civil rights.

5 would have a negetive impact on civil rights, lesser negetive impact on the economy, and would lead to further entangelment of curch and state.
Emperor Matthuis
22-11-2003, 15:56
I have sent a issue containing that information in a issue last night when did you send that issue in then?
Ice Hockey Players
22-11-2003, 20:02
I haven't sent the issue in; I always run it by this forum for debate first. I only sent one issue in, and that was my Bedroom Politics one. If there's already a curfew one established, then maybe this one doesn't need to be sent in; however, i wish i had seen it beforehand for debate.
Emperor Matthuis
22-11-2003, 21:19
no i would send it in mine wasn't as good as yours just a whim i had though i've sent in 12 i wish they would process them quicker it takes about a year
Ice Hockey Players
22-11-2003, 23:13
I sent in the issue; maybe by the time my grandkids finish college I will get a telegram saying it's been reviewed. If not, oh well.
22-11-2003, 23:45
I submitted one A long time ago about crime and one of the options was a curfew, there was also other options though, I don't know if has been rejected or what though :cry:
24-11-2003, 09:00
From the looks of it, we need to generate more country to back-up the issue.
All I can say is that I will personally endorse this one. :wink:
Emperor Matthuis
24-11-2003, 20:02
so would i by the way did you ice hockey players use to be in the region evility, i just kind of remeber you getting ejected? if it isn't you i didn't mean to offend you
Ice Hockey Players
25-11-2003, 06:21
so would i by the way did you ice hockey players use to be in the region evility, i just kind of remeber you getting ejected? if it isn't you i didn't mean to offend you

I was in some region before the one I am in now and can't remember what it was...I stayed in it for about two hours before I switched to the Empire of Equals.
Emperor Matthuis
25-11-2003, 20:48
well i'm sure it was you well thanks for answering
26-11-2003, 02:36
Good issue, I like it. Hope it makes it all the way to official status - I'd like to see it in my "Issues" box someday :)
26-11-2003, 06:18
That is such an awesome issue! I hope I also get a chance to vote on it. It looks like it'll have a positive impact on the country.
26-11-2003, 19:11
hmmm....let me think about that one.
26-11-2003, 19:11
good idea for an issue - personally, i think curfew should be the individual responsibility of the parents and that crime should be reduced using other methods. (by the way, it's a misleading fact if not a myth that most crime is committed by minors. look it up. and besides, crime wouldn't necessarily increase because you don't institute a curfew - it would remain the same.)

:arrow: spork
27-11-2003, 01:25
Add another option for the Psychotic Dictatorships that goes even farther!

"I agree with my grubby colleague here from the Association of Retired Persons," remarks @@RANDOMNAME@@, "but even he is not going far enough. We need to crack down on the delinquents, and to do this, I have a proposition: we must establish a new police unit solely to search for people on the streets after the curfew. They are a danger to our society and must be executed immediately!"
[effect]people on the streets after curfew are executed by Gestapo-style police
[stats]economy shrinks decreases enormously, crime decreases, civil rights decrease enormously, political freedom decreases drastically, law and order spending goes up, government size increases