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Budget Time!

22-11-2003, 03:16
Does giving tax cuts have a good or bad effect on the economy, I thought it would help it but I've heard people say that giving tax cuts imploded the economy, also

Government Acts
The Issue
It's time for the government to allocate spending for the coming year, and as always, special interest groups are keen to have their say.

The Debate
"The state of the education system is, in many areas, simply frightful," says Teachers Union leader Clint McAlpin. "And even where we are doing well, we could do better. I appeal to the authorities for a substantial boost in funding. Remember, the children are our future."

"We won't have a future unless we improve police numbers and rebuild the military," says General Roger Shiomi. "Oh, it's all well and good to have your fancy education and your nice cars, until some tinpot dictatorship decides to invade. And don't pretend like there aren't any of them in Isle of Believers. Our number one priority has to be security."

"Education is nice, but Health and Social Welfare are more important," says celebrity social worker Zeke Frederickson. "This is where the people who really need government help are: the marginalized of our society. If we don't help them, what kind of a nation are we?"

"Hey, I've got a crazy idea," says noted libertarian and bird-watcher Johan King. "How about the government stops taking so much tax from people? Give us a tax cut and we'll buy the things we need ourselves. People need to be weaned off the government teat!"

This is the position your government is preparing to adopt.
22-11-2003, 09:52
Tax cuts are good for the economy, supposedly. At least they are in NS. I don't know about the real world. :wink:
22-11-2003, 10:23
Yeah, it depends on whether it's a general kind of tax cut or if you're not subsidizing busiensses in your nation anymore. The latter will hurt your economy while the former should either be neutral in it's effect or will give it a little boost.