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Gov't size

20-11-2003, 03:44
In my national description, it says I have an omnipresent government, but I hate large governments and I want to shrink the size, what kinds of issues help me do that?
20-11-2003, 03:50
I might not be the best person to take this advice from, as I (really) didn't mean to become an Iron Fist Consumerist, but...I'd say whenever it says put limits on citizen rights or abilities, or raise taxes...probably.

And...don't make the same mistake I did...don't barcode your citizens!
20-11-2003, 04:13
The less your government has to do, the smaller it will get. Therefore, doing things that give freedoms (as opposed to taking them away) reduce government size. Also, things like welfare increase it. So basically, a small government will let everyone do what they wnt and not help anybody (obviously this government is non existant, they are doing nothing)
20-11-2003, 13:04
Omnipresent means widely or constantly encountered, not (necessarily) large. In other words, the government (as in rules, not masses of employees) and its effects are seen and felt everywhere.

There's a subtle difference, which I assume is meant.
The Real Vision
20-11-2003, 16:04
I've asked this same question in the past, the best solution seems to be the issues that decrease govt spending.

Anything that drops taxes will drop govt size, and anything that increase taxes will increase govt size. That is a fact.

Apart from this, anything else is a little bit hard to say.
The Basenji
20-11-2003, 17:06
To sum it up-

1. The more the government has to do, the bigger it become. Give the people more civil rights, and polictal freedoms, and don't decide what they should do all the time, and your government will shirnk

2. Decrease government spending and taxes. The more taxes you collect, the larger and more corrupt your government will become.

3. Do not invade the privacy of citizens. Like bar coding, watching them on cameras, or whatever. The more you watch your people, the bigger the governmet will become to manage them. Allow your people to rise of fall on their own merits, don't make the government decide.

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20-11-2003, 19:30
Actually, more taxes don't neccissarilly go hand in hand with corruption. I have a 100% tax rate, but I'm only omnipresent (not corrupt). It all depends on what ways you boost them. Boosting taxes by increasing defense spending and exectuing rioters will likely increase corruption, while boosting taxes on things like wealfare and a health system doesn't.