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Help with issue

18-11-2003, 13:55
Okay my economy is really bad and i need to know which one would be in my economys best interest.This is the topic of estates and nobility.Can one of these help my economy?

The Issue
A peculiar confederacy of small-government advocates, regular attendees at Convict's annual Medieval Faire, and the super rich have demanded that the government grant estates and confer titles of nobility upon certain influential persons.

The Debate
"Of course I should be appointed as the Duke of Convict City," says multi-billionaire May Winters. "Not only would it be an apt reward for my contributions to Convict, but the citizens who become landed serfs on my estate would work harder than they ever have in all their lives." Adds small-government advocate Sue-Ann Barry, "Government would at last return to the local level, close to the people and the land to which they would be bound for life."

"I can't believe I'm hearing this," exclaims noted civil rights advocate Lars Hanover. "Those who are behind this espouse a system that grants inordinate amounts of institutional power to the rich and ensures that no one will be able to climb the social ladder. Everyone in society must be granted an equal opportunity to succeed or fail. Say 'no' to a nobility!"

"I think both of the other parties are taking this issue to the extreme," argues a learned elderly gentleman resting on a park bench. "All that's being advocated is giving those who have contributed to their nation a ceremonial title and a bit of land. Besides," he adds, "the government can tax their estate."

"A good day to thee, milord," counters Steffan Utopia, an amateur Medieval Faire actor dressed in period costume, "I would suggest that thou hasten thyself to spectate at the jousting competition this forenoon. Aye, quite a bout we have arrayed for thee this day. However, the whole affair could be much grander if only we received a few more gold crownes from the government. Aye, 'twould be a grand tourney of knightly skill and courage indeed!"
18-11-2003, 16:59
Since the first one increases productivity, it stands to reason that by extension, one's economy would grow.
19-11-2003, 00:50
I disagree. Citizens who become serfs are going to have a lot less money to spend, and if you hand out a lot of these estates, your nation will become a feudal society. Given that feudal societies are not as productive as modern ones, I don't think the first option will improve your economy any.

I don't think any of these options are actually pointed at your economy, but of all of them, number three is probably your best bet, as it would generate more revenue with little government expenditure.
Henry Kissenger
19-11-2003, 05:33
i would go with the first one.