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Issue Idea: Bedroom Politics

Ice Hockey Players
17-11-2003, 09:37
Issue Title: "Politics to Enter the Bedroom?"

The issue: The rising rates of underage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases is a cause for concern in @@NAME@@. Some people question if it has to do with the state of sex education.

The Debate

1. "Our education system is failing the kids," cries angry teacher @@RANDOMNAME@@. "We must preach abstinence to the kids. Obviously if they learn from the schools that it's OK to have sex, they will, and look what happens. Kids shouldn't be having sex."
[effect]kids learn nothing abot sex until college, where they are frequently taken advantage of
education decreases
health decreases
crime rate increases
devoutness increases

2. "Kids shouldn't be having sex, but neither should anyone else," states famous evangelist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Sex must be kept within marriage and for the purpose of procreation. It's all these people who have sex for pleasure that drive up the disease rates. It's God's way of punishing them. Ban premarital sex, and ban sex for any purpose but procreation."
[effect]the unmarried are among the most sexually frustrated on the planet
civil rights decrease
education decreases
health increases
devoutness increases

3. "Keep the government out of the bedroom!" shouts gay rights protestor @@RANDOMNAME@@. "I'll have sex with whoever I please! You can never enforce laws banning sex! It's about more than just procreation! Stop the madness! Let people have sex with whoever will have sex with them!"
[effect]transmission of sexual diseases is at an all-time high
education decreases
economy decreases
health decreases
devoutness decreases
civil rights increase

4. "I wouldn't take it that far," chimes in @@RANDOMNAME@@, who overheard the previous speaker. " Certainly pumping lots of @@CURRENCY@@s into the education system for sex education is necessary. But don't punish people for having sex, either. And don't teach just abstinence. That's just foolish."
[effect]young people are among the most sexually knowledgeable in the region
education increases
taxes increase
civil rights increase
health increase
Douleureuse Garde
17-11-2003, 09:58
How about no sex at all? Perpetual virginity sounds nice when you can reproduce with clones! The effect: no more STDs and overpopulation because of government control :shock:
17-11-2003, 20:44
Health? Devoutness? And there have to be both pros and cons for all.
New Cyprus
18-11-2003, 04:40
It's a pretty new and interesting issue concept, but it sure seems interesting and a possiblility for a real life problem today, so I hope it gets chosen.
Ice Hockey Players
19-11-2003, 05:50
I edited health and devoutness into the issue, but I don't think that the whole "growing children in test tubes" thing is quite right for this issue. I think it's best served to create a separate issue for that, since not every nation can do that realistically.
19-11-2003, 06:06
Health? Devoutness? And there have to be both pros and cons for all.
The mods have said they edit the stat effects the most for each issue. Think of that part as more of a suggestion ;)
19-11-2003, 07:01
you can dominate my nation


the nation of Brunots supports sex and sexual education