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Religious Issues

16-11-2003, 13:53
I'm a little upset that I've received several issues with a viewpoint put forward by a religious leader, yet in all these cases:
i) God is masculine.
ii) God is singular.

Yes, I know that Christianity/Catholicism is the biggest religion in the 'real' world, but I thought one of the main advantages of NS was about it giving you the choice to run your nation in any way you wanted? Yet anyone who wants to have a polytheistic nation (or even just a religiously diverse nation) seems to be unable to do so?

Even if it's too late for this version, it would be nice to know this was being considered for NS2...
17-11-2003, 19:01
Actually, you make a really good point. Regarding God as masculine . . . . that's as much English defaulting to masculine when in doubt, but your point still holds.

Please submit some issues that will help nations which want other belief systems. I'd love to see them.
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17-11-2003, 19:07
Violet is referred to as Her...I think.
18-11-2003, 17:24
:) Thanks for listening.

Now I'll have to make my brain work properly so I can think of some good & appropriate issues.