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13-11-2003, 15:25
World to End, or Possibly Just Mark Anniversary
Government Acts
The Issue

Along with the rest of the world, the citizens of DNS has been stunned by the revelation of a small team of geophysical philosophers that the world turns exactly one year old today, as measured by what they call "RL units".
The Debate

1. "Frankly, I saw this coming -- all the signs of the Apocalypse are here," says local community leader Jennifer Clinton. "Moral standards are falling, the government is making increasingly erratic decisions, and people are neglecting their work to play bizarre political simulation games on the internet. There's only one sensible reaction: declaring a state of emergency, sending out the military, and shooting curfew breakers until the crisis is over."

2. "With respect, I don't think falling moral standards are the problem," says cubicle dweller and Slashdot karma god Clint Washington. "The issue is what's going to happen to our computers if the world clock ticks over from 0 to 1. This Y1 problem, as I call it, could be devastating for our IT industry unless it's tackled swiftly. And by tackled swiftly, I mean given a massive injection of public money."

This is the position your government is preparing to adopt.

3. "Why panic when you should be partying?" says Roger Thiesen, not completely soberly. "It's the first birthday of the world, man -- let people go nuts! If the government has a shred of decency, they'll order the cops to back off and let people really enjoy this incredible moment in history."

4. "This is neither a time for clamping down, nor, as they say, going off," says religious leader Buffy Jefferson. "Rather, we should encourage people to reflect on the great mysteries of life. For example, what is God, to each of us? What is the true meaning of faith? And is the world around us reality, or are we instead living inside a simulated reality that exists only the amusement of beings we cannot even imagine?"

5. "Well, I know what I'll be doing," says obscure author and Perl amateur Max Barry. "Sitting at home with a good book! Jennifer Government, for instance, is a cracking read. And I hear that some of the profits go into maintaining a cool web game. But of course, that's just my opinion. People should celebrate however they want."


Apart from the bizzare humor, I've really been trying to get the tech industry as a major force in my economy since I started playing.

Can I assume this is a one time only thing? And could we possibly get more tech issues?
The Basenji
13-11-2003, 15:32
I took number 5, big surprise huh? :lol:

(Edit- I c3n count goood!11!!!1)

~The Barkless Land of The Basenji~
And so the paw of judgment falls upon the flamers, spammers, and just all around hosers of NS.
I'm helping to stop the Noobageddon before it starts.
14-11-2003, 16:37
Yeah, I took No. 5, too.

Why is the word "number" abbreviated as "No."????

That's my issue for the day.

New Cyprus
15-11-2003, 21:09
I too, took number 5. (I'm starting to think most people choose #5)

I think I will try to insert a new tech issue now.