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Street Racing

13-11-2003, 02:35
Anyone know what the effects of each option are?

The Issue
Illegal street racing and racing-related injuries are on the rise, causing many infamous racers to begin rallying for an officially sanctioned racing series and track facilities in order to safely satisfy their need for speed.

The Debate
"If you don't let us race on real racetracks, then we'll just keep running on the roads at night!" says racing fans' favorite Freddy Jones, at the wheel of a tricked-out Honda. "Would it kill you guys to build a couple of nice big race facilities? Think of the money you'd make on charging admission and selling drinks and stuff! And it'd be a lot safer than all of us tearing around on public roads! Forget about the people griping about the noise pollution!"

"Don't tell me you plan to cater to these speed freaks!" police officer Gregory du Pont comments over coffee and donuts. "Encouraging this sport is only going to increase the street racing problem because all these punks who can't afford to run the professional circuit are going to want to satisfy their lead feet the way they have been! What we need is more police funding to crack down on these punk hotrodders."
The Government Position
The government has yet to formalize a position on this issue.