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An issue I made.

11-11-2003, 00:41
I forgot the title when I saved the main text, but I already submitted it. I think it was Friday when I did it, but I decided to post it here to see what you all think. It is about illegal downloading of music.

The intro talks about how people want to ban downloading music (which I also forgot to save but already submitted).

[option] @@RANDOMNAME@@, the lead singer of Steeltalica, a heavy metal rock band, agrees with the idea. "People should have to buy our music at stores, for 13 @@CURRENCY@@'s like they always do! How can I afford that 14th mansion with people getting my music for free?"
[effects] Free downloading of music is banned and perpetrators are fined
[stats]Small increase for economy, decrease for civil rights.

[option] The creator of free music downloader Kazster, @@RANDOMNAME@@ disagrees. "Music should be allowed to be downloaded from my program, man. People don't want to pay ridiculous prices for their CD's. Besides, people will get free music some other way."
[effects]People download millions of songs daily from free music programs
[stats]Economy does not change, increase in civil rights.

[option] "Hey, I've got a swell idea." says @@RANDOMNAME@@, a government supporter. "Why don't we make them pay five @@CURRENCY@@'s every month for Kazster. All money would go to the government, of course."
[effects]People pay the government to download music off the internet
[stats]Civil rights go up a little, economy also goes up alot

[option] Finally, @@RANDOMNAME@@ finds an alternative that might appeal for downloaders and muscians both. "Why don't we make them pay the five @@CURRENCY@@'s, but then give the money to the muscians. People wouldn't have to pay as much for CD's. Everybody would be happy!"
[effects]People pay a small price to download music
[stats]Civil rights go up a little
11-11-2003, 00:47
Looks good, except the efects are a little wierd. But the Gms will probably tweek those when they see it.

BTW, I did a similar one about software. I like the name KaZoO better then Kazster, but I guess Napster+KaZaA....
12-11-2003, 04:43
12-11-2003, 05:55
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12-11-2003, 23:32
Wow, that was hilarious, Sanchito. Go learn to spell, and learn good grammer, too. :roll:
13-11-2003, 00:22
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13-11-2003, 00:40
The economy would get slightly worse for option number two, and slightly better for option number 4.
13-11-2003, 01:01

Good spelling and grammer..... :lol: :roll:
13-11-2003, 04:21
Oooh, I said a lot wrong. :roll:

Naleth and Kahta were the only one with positive opinions. The rest of you have no place here.

Eh, I'm still logged into Eepatin. Oh well, not much difference.
Henry Kissenger
13-11-2003, 07:32
i think they souldn,t do illegal downloading because it is bad and the people responsible should be caught and be put in jails for atleast 3 months.
13-11-2003, 13:21
Option #3, economy should decreace slightly, not increace(as nothings going towards the people making or distributing the music, it would do nothing to support a capitalistic economy). Or perhaps you could replace the effect on the economy with a slight tax cut and have the cosmetic phrase be something to the effect of "the government uses fee-based file-sharing services to raise money".

I also second that there should be a slight increace in the economy for option #4, and that #1 should have no effect on the economy(CD purchases would offset, but not necessarialy counter piracy losses).
13-11-2003, 14:26

Good spelling and grammer..... :lol: :roll:

Since we're pointing out spelling mistakes... :P
13-11-2003, 16:18
Everyone keep on-topic please.
29-11-2003, 07:53
Emperor Matthuis
29-11-2003, 15:20
good issue