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No private Propriety

06-11-2003, 20:29
A Friend of mine (Azores Islands) is a Capitalist Paradise but, just like in my nation and many others who do not take socialist dicisions, I'm sure, the following statement appears:

"Private enterprise is illegal, but for those in the know there is a slick and highly efficient black market in -something-."

I know what made this happen, but can a mod just make this disapear when we start taking Capitalist actions?
06-11-2003, 22:10
AFAIK there is no issue to undo this at the moment (but you could always submit one), and the mods are FAR to busy (as well as not allowed) to modify nation stats because you don't like the decissions you made. FOr now, you'll just have to live with it.

(side note: I made enterprise illegal in my ex-capitalist-headed-for-benevolent-dictatorship nation, but not this one ... which is liberal/socialist leaning)
Azores Islands
07-11-2003, 23:56
I've got one puppet which simulates a nazi nation (for the most curious, the name is New Templars) and I managed to turn private enterprise from illegal to legal. I don't know how I did it, and I would like to know how to do it again.
08-11-2003, 11:33
I assume that if you keep making anti-worker and pro-exploiter desecions long enough you'll get there. It is also much harder to improve your civil and political rights ratings than it is to demolish them. Just one of the game's many quirks.