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Rejistania city? (SPOILER ALERT)

06-11-2003, 10:36
In the issue: 'Should the Government Grant Estates and Titles of Nobility?' the first option is:
"Of course I should be appointed as the Duke of Rejistania City," says multi-billionaire Charles Silk. "Not only would it be an apt reward for my contributions to Rejistania, but the citizens who become landed serfs on my estate would work harder than they ever have in all their lives." Adds small-government advocate Calvin Thiesen, "Government would at last return to the local level, close to the people and the land to which they would be bound for life."

The rejistanian capital is Sike kali. This is not Hongkong or Mexico. Since I know, that there are no custom titles for the capital, I would like to see it replaced by '@@NAME@@s capital'.
06-11-2003, 11:49
True, but "the grand duke of Rejistania's capital" sounds rather tortured.

Just playing Devil's Advocate here for a minute.
Ice Hockey Players
06-11-2003, 16:14
Well, as some additional options in creating the nation's specifics, capital city should be an option. We already dictate our national animal and currency; why not add things like capital city, age of adulthood, and possibly national language or national sport?