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Minor bug with "Estates & Titles of Nobility"

04-11-2003, 14:21
I received the "Estates and Titles of Nobility" issue yesterday, and chose to give funds to the Medieval Faire. Today, in my national description, it reads "Grandfather Mountain's Medieval Faire is renowned as one of the best in north_carolina". Great, except that the region name shouldn't read "north_carolina", it's "North Carolina". It's a small bug, but a bug nonetheless.
The Most Glorious Hack
04-11-2003, 14:42
D'oh! :shock:

Actually, it should probably read, "...renowned as one of the best in the region."
04-11-2003, 14:45
These issues can be best reported in the thread:New Issues: Report typos here *SPOILER* ( In fact, the item above is already listed and awaiting action by [violet].