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Something Funny

30-10-2003, 15:35
My national animal is the haxx0r, cuz I'm so 1337 :D and I got an issue today to put "Haxx0rs on the dinner table". I thought this was pretty funny.
30-10-2003, 15:40
I hate to bust your bubble, man, but that pops up on everybody's issue board. I, for example, have "Hulapaloozas on the Dinner Table?" as an issue. Get over it. :evil:

I love doing that to newbies. :lol:
30-10-2003, 16:09
I think he knew that, but it's just funny to see a haxx0r getting eaten.
HC Eredivisie
30-10-2003, 16:18
my national animal is the voetbal ( that means football (the one used in soccer)), but I must admit: a feather bellied voetbal? :?
The Khanates
01-11-2003, 15:30
Well, the issues tend to get weirder and weirder as you go, and rather obscene too in some cases. Remember the Chicken Liberation Army?
02-11-2003, 03:37
The first time I got that issue, my national animal was the catgirl. So it was "Catgirls on the dinner table?" And I thought, "Well they might be 'eaten' on the dinner table, but not in the meaning you think." :D