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Issues have no effect?

29-10-2003, 17:06
It seems so. I have tried to raise my Civil Rights and Political Freedoms. Yet, the issues that I know which option would increase the Civil Rights pointer, don't raise it. Simply put; It seems that issues usually do nothing else than add something more to the nations description.

If you understood what I meant, please reply.
29-10-2003, 20:29
I've been answering civil rights raising issues for several months and they haven't gone up in all that time. One bad decision and they plummet, but I can't raise them. :? I have the same problem with political freedoms.

An example of stats plumetting with one bad decision (but not of having trouble improving them): One day I had totally unknown crime, and the next it was a major problem - especially for youths.
29-10-2003, 21:57
Yeah, and the more times you answer it, the greater the effect. But it seems to be more effective if it lowers something. It's just evil.
The Global Market
30-10-2003, 00:21
That just makes it more realistic.

Governments can generally take away freedoms very easily, but they are not quite as good at expanding them. The reason to have government is to really PRESERVE, and not expand, liberty.

Size of government might also matter. A Night-Watchman State and a Mommy State are in theory equally good at protecting liberty, but a Mommy State usually is more corrupt and is much better at destroying it.