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Complaint: Tykes with Tools?

Love Poetry
28-10-2003, 05:47
This is a new issue, but option two and three sound like they would give the same outcome. I figure the two options give different results, but I cannot tell which one would give a result I would want. ~ Michael.

"Buy Christmas, a orphanage foster parent, says "Children need to be out of work. Too many times I have received children who only know manual labor. We have to give these children an education an a chance at a real future. Think of the children!" Gregory Longfellow, a bum on the street, agrees, "Forget about what's best for the children. They're stealing my work! The only way to get an entry job in this market is to either be younger than 12 and willing to work for nothing, or to knock of a kid and be there to fill the opening, and still be willing to work for nothing."

"We need the extra money that my 13 children earn." Says unemployed parent Zeke Christmas. "Since both my spouse and I were laid off, the only way to get enough money to feed both of us is to have all of our kids employed. In fact, with the downswing in the economy we're expecting another kid to close the gap."

Fat cat factory owner Prudence Clinton, steps over the bum in the street and explains, "You don't understand. By employing these kids I'm giving them valuable life lessons. I didn't go to school and see where I am now? I'm giving them work experience, making them highly employable for the 15 years of their expected lives.
28-10-2003, 05:49
First, wrong forum. Second, we know this one needs to be fixed. I was planning on doing this last night, but other stuff came up.
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