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25-10-2003, 08:36
I just got this issue full of typo's, and the more I read it the more confused I got...after 10 minutes of looking at it, I had to dismiss it because I simply didn't see any choice that really made sense. There were no real arguements, just an ambiguous set of choices that made no sense.

Read for yourself:

The Issue
A controversial newspaper investigation reveals that as many as 30% of all children are employed in a dangerous environment.

The Debate
"Freddy Fellow, a orphanage foster parent, says "Children need to be out of work. Too many times I have received children who only know manual labor. We have to give these children an education an a chance at a real future. Think of the children!" Freddy Fellow, a bum on the street, agrees, "Forget about what's best for the children. They're stealing my work! The only way to get an entry job in this market is to either be younger than 12 and willing to work for nothing, or to knock of a kid and be there to fill the opening, and still be willing to work for nothing."

"We need the extra money that my 13 children earn." Says unemployed parent Freddy Wong. "Since both my spouse and I were laid off, the only way to get enough money to feed both of us is to have all of our kids employed. In fact, with the downswing in the economy we're expecting another kid to close the gap."

Fat cat factory owner Klaus Longbottom, steps over the bum in the street and explains, "You don't understand. By employing these kids I'm giving them valuable life lessons. I didn't go to school and see where I am now? I'm giving them work experience, making them highly employable for the 15 years of their expected lives.

Apparently, a bum on the street is also a foster parent and sees through all the typo's enough to state that his foster kids are taking away his job. This is an issue with no real choices.
HC Eredivisie
25-10-2003, 09:30
The second Freddy Fellow should have another name I think (perhaps in this case the random-name generator made thesame name twice for 1 issue)
Reploid Productions
25-10-2003, 09:48
Aack, dismiss that one- Sal accidentally hit accept on an issue that wasn't completely ready to go. He's already told [violet] to take it out of circulation, but the boss hasn't been on to do it =/
25-10-2003, 16:17
Yeah yeah yeah. I'm working on it. I was tired.
Southern Industrial
26-10-2003, 22:08
So whats the difference between the latter two options?
26-10-2003, 22:12
it doesn't matter yet ... just ignore it for now
28-10-2003, 03:19
Ah. I dismissed that one
28-10-2003, 03:31
BAH!!!! Why did I pick an option on that one???

I knew it didn't make sense.