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25-10-2003, 02:17
Has anyone received any new issues? My two nations haven't and I was wondering if its a problem w/ my comp or the server.
25-10-2003, 02:22
Just be patient. You'll get them.
Tech Modling
25-10-2003, 02:42
yeah. if you read the ns news, it says older nations will be getting them

Philip, Emperor of the Philos
The Imperial Republic of Philopolis (
25-10-2003, 02:52
I believe you have to have been around for at least a month or so before you can get new issues. That means you probably only recently qualified for any of them. Be patient, they'll get to you, too. (I've been getting them since the announced release date as about 75% of my 4 issues/day .. 2/day*2 nations)
25-10-2003, 02:53
Oh sorry, I mean new as in "received one today". I haven't received any issues since this morning, and the legislation on one is pending
25-10-2003, 03:04
I thought issues were randomly received.
25-10-2003, 03:11
I mean that the issue I made a decision on hasn't gone through and I haven't received one to replace it (not new as in one recently written, I've been getting those).
25-10-2003, 03:21
I know what you mean. Wait for another system update to come and go.
Tech Modling
25-10-2003, 08:05
Issues come at a set interval, once every system update (if you have it set to 2/day, obviously the lower your setting the lower the rate they come at). The system update occurs some time a few hours after noon and after midnight PST, and if you have the issues set to 2/day, you will be issued a new issue for every system update and all current issues with legislation or dismissal pending will be proccessed.