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Issue Idea: Civil Rights Protests

24-10-2003, 07:12
Came up with this idea a while ago, but didn't submit it. (It'd need to be polished a bit, anyway.) Is there one like it out there yet?

Title: <insert something snappy here>

Description: Across the nation, students and educators are staging protests, threatening to shut down local government services unless their demands for greater freedoms are met.

Validity: Not valid for nations that have Civil Rights of "Good" or better.

[option] "Freedom now!" shouts eighteen-year-old activist @@RANDOMNAME@@ from a street corner. "Equal rights for all! Give us liberty, or give us death!"
[effect] the nation has confirmed its commitment to egalitarianism
[stats] Civil Rights increases; apathy decreases; crime rate increases

[option] "You heard them. Give them death," urges @@RANDOMNAME@@, one of your generals. "If you let them get away with this, they'll just ask for more and more. I say, if they don't like your policies, they're traitors, and we're better off without them! Besides, we've been looking for an excuse to test those new weapons we bought."
[effect] the nation is purging its intellectuals
[stats] Intelligence decreases; economy decreases; crime rate decreases; apathy decreases

[option] "Whoa, hold on," says @@RANDOMNAME@@, a leader in @@NAME@@'s @@MAJOR-INDUSTRY@@ field. "Those kids may be in the wrong, but they're the workers of tomorrow! If we kill them, who's going to work in our factories? Why not just off a few as an example, then offer an amnesty to anyone who signs an agreement to work in our factories at below minimum wage for a couple of years? Think of it as community service.
[effect] teenagers are drafted to work in factories at low wages
[stats] intelligence decreases; crime rate decreases; manufacturing sector increases

[option] Your sister offers another option. "A special reward might be just the motivation we need to raise our country's international test scores. What if we offer them, oh, freedom of speech, or something, if they manage to score in the top ten percentile? Sure, it'd be a pain having to put up with their whining about things like censorship of the press, but on the other hand, we'd know who the smartest people are. They're the ones we want as your ministers and generals, right? The loyal ones, I mean."
[effect] the nation has adopted a meritocracy -- those who perform well on tests effectively rule over those who don't
[stats] education spending increases; intelligence increases; happiness decreases; crime rate increases slightly
24-10-2003, 07:14
It sounds familiar, but I haven't seen one quite like it yet.
25-10-2003, 21:21
I like this idea and tbe idea of having riots, in the real world unfair trade pratices, interference in other countries(iraq being a case in point), authoritarian rule/taxing leads to all kinds of civil unrest.

This should in the game as part of any extreme course your nation takes, too much business should lead to somekind of social breakdown via riotering, or too much socialist policies should lead to business led coups etc...the scope is huge! :twisted:
25-10-2003, 23:21
I like the idea, sounds good. Good options too.