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24-10-2003, 06:11
Just wondering, but would it be out of the question to 'open-source' some of the Issues?

I mean, take the Uranium mining one as an example, it has a good idea behind it, but after the 2nd read through it's just about automatic to click the option you like.

So what if you guys allowed for changes to the base issues, so that every time they came up there were a little different? I'm sure people would rather permute existing issues that have to create their own from scratch. And it would inject a bit of much-needed randomness to the system.
24-10-2003, 06:14
Though the text will be the same each time, the results will not always be the same. (at least not to the user's eyes)
24-10-2003, 06:42
What I mean is more like having different versions of the issues. So instead of this:

1. Screw the enviroment, make the most money

2. Screw the money, save the enviroment

3. Screw both, and save/make both

We could have people rewrite some of the options, and one or two, change the effects and/or the wordings so it would look more like this.

1. Allow big company to take over
2. Allow government company to take over
3. Allow small buisnesses to take over
4. Allow forein compainies to take over.

5. Allow exploratory drilling, but save the deposit for a rainy day.
6. Save the trees

7. Allow buisnesses with gov't oversight to make sure they don't wreak the enviroment

And allow people to write out different versions of the text for the ideas. Then set it up so that the script choses at least one from each catagory, and volia, a much-needed element of randomness is inserted into the system, allowing for an-almost new issue everytime it comes up.

And as an aside, are you guys moving threads into this forum to make it feel more lived-in?
24-10-2003, 08:08
The fundemental machinery behind the issues will remain unchanged. However we'd love more issues for very specific nations. I'm working on one now that only applies to anarchies with a very high crime rate.

Regarding the second question: no. I'm moving stuff as I find it so that it is easier for people to find things related to this topic and to keep it together.
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10-11-2003, 03:17
We wouldn't want to actually rewrite the issues, because then new players wouldn't get to experience the old ones.

But we do have the capability to have issues that never come up more than once, or that, if you choose a particular option, make your nation eligible for another issue. So we can use that to achieve the outcome you want, I think.

Also, now we have a good flow of new issues coming in, the whole repetitiveness thing isn't as much of a problem as it used to be.
10-11-2003, 03:27
s/as much of a problem as it used to be/a problem at all.../;

10-11-2003, 03:34
So what would happen if this came to pass is you would have a system sorta like this:

Issue1> choose option> legistlate> Issue1a> choose option> legislate > Issue 1b> choose option>... and so forth? So that the issues change enough that someone that's been here a while has to acutally read them instead of doing them on auto pilot.

All that would need to happen was a system for people to enter new options to the issues, perhaps starting only with the original ones for now, since they need the most work?
10-11-2003, 03:41
I've put in some new issues, but haven't gotten any notification on any of them. :(
15-12-2003, 03:34
15-12-2003, 04:02
[violet] vetoed this idea.

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