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Issue Maximum

24-10-2003, 02:15
Hey, is there anything the Administrators can do about the maximum amount of issues a nation can hav. I'm kinda sick and tired of missing issues cuz i got kicked off line for a while. I have my nation and it's colonies set at 2 issues a day, which is fine by me. Still, it blows how when you can't get on for 3 days you miss issues. I would also like to know if you get penalized for missing issues, like a population deduct or something. Someone plz help me on this k.
24-10-2003, 02:17
Nope, you don't get penalized, it stops at 5. nothing happens unless you dismiss the issue or chose an option, ignoring it does nothing.

After a while, you jsut get the same issues over and over
i turned mine off.
24-10-2003, 02:17
Why don't you use vacation mode?