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Help Please

Daniels Island
15-02-2009, 19:29
Hello, I have an old nation I joined once in 2004 and since then I have no rejoined but I could not access my old nation or re-activate it as I lost the password

my email address has also changed could anybody please help me?
15-02-2009, 19:35
Could you give us a clue? What was the nation name?
Daniels Island
15-02-2009, 19:43
La bay
15-02-2009, 19:46
Daniels Island
15-02-2009, 19:51
thank you is it possible it to be sent to my new email address as the old one has been deleted
Daniels Island
15-02-2009, 19:59
I could tell you what the email use to be for security purposes
Daniels Island
16-02-2009, 15:25
any moderator please can you help further?
16-02-2009, 16:56
We can't help unless you give a description of the problem either through your thread here or through the FAQ section on the main site.
Daniels Island
16-02-2009, 18:21
My description

I cannot remember my password for my old nation La Bay
My email address where the password reminder/reset would be sent, was deleted years ago... I can provide the old email address as proof this was my nation
I need the Password reset sent to my new email if possible

does that make sense?
17-02-2009, 00:20
The problem is that your PASSWORD and your E-MAIL ADDRESS are your two forms of positive ID. We don't send passwords except through the automated link to prevent us accidentally given people's nations away.
Daniels Island
17-02-2009, 14:45
Ok I understand thanks for your help