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Inappropriate link?

German Nightmare
27-01-2009, 17:38

in pretty much at the end.
27-01-2009, 17:48
It's my opinion that if the person was intent and serious in offering an opinion that they would have done so. However, they have not done so, and the post appears to be a deliberate attempt to troll. Taken care of (

I left it up for other mods to see. If they want to take alternative action, its their choice. I prefer to let Holocaust deniers dig their own grave.
27-01-2009, 18:43
I can't even see the site from the office. Our Dynablocker software assigns it to the blocked "Hate Group" section, and they're usually pretty accurate.

We're not here to block debate, no matter how stupid and uninformed it may be. That said, there are children who read this site, and perhaps that link might need to go away. It's the only post from that player, so I'm guessing hit-and-run in any event.
27-01-2009, 21:17
I've removed the link, Fris, and I cited your reason. I left the rest of the post in tact and I removed the link from a post by Neo Art who was quoting the offending post.
Knights of Liberty
28-01-2009, 01:06
As an aside, I think its awesome that in the mod edit you literally said "no matter how stupid and uninformed it may be". Thats fucking win. Go you guys.

The above is in 100% seriousness.
German Nightmare
28-01-2009, 06:58
Thank you, mods.