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Ferrous Oxide flaming....again

Neo Art
26-01-2009, 22:53
Does Turkey explicitly say "We frown on bikinis"? No? Because the government wants Western tourist dollars? Then shut the fuck up.

Mods only please
26-01-2009, 22:57
If FO had posted STFU instead of spelling it out, would you have even raised it here?

I don't have time to address this right now, but it looks specious to me at this point. That whole thread seems to be rapidly rising bile on both sides, and this post doesn't stand out from the rest.
Nanatsu no Tsuki
27-01-2009, 02:03
For the Mods when they get the time:

Well maybe if you fucking Americans stopped telling me I was a fucking Nazi babykiller because of my lineage I wouldn't have ended up thinking that way.

His trolling and flaming do get in the way of debating.
27-01-2009, 03:19
Yeah, I've fairly certain he's just trolling.
27-01-2009, 04:23
I think any mod action against FeO at this stage would be equivalent to the ref kicking a knocked-out boxer. It's time for a collective chill pill (