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Trolling? Flamebaiting?

28-12-2008, 12:50
Not entirely sure about this - (Thread link)

Whilst I appreciate that most things like this are usually taken as IC, the way the poster has been conversing suggests a more OoC stance. In any case, I realise it's up to you mods to decide whether he's just trolling to get a rise (which he has been successful at), arouse flames (which he hasn't, despite my desire to do so!), or whether promoting peadophilia is a bit beyond the pail
28-12-2008, 15:24
There appears to be nothing wrong with the resolution. Could you direct us to the post or posts in question?
Quintessence of Dust
28-12-2008, 15:27
How about: (
But what about the matter of adults having sex with infants? Are we to assume you have no problem with that either? If the age of consent is 0 it would be allowed.
Urgench's assumption was correct, our nation has no inherent problem with that.
Edit: the proposal flatly contradicts at least two ( resolutions (, yet the author has made absolutely zero attempt to address this. Given that, plus the long excursa into 'what is free software?', it seems very unlikely their aim is actually to pass a proposal. This is why I, like Cobdenia, believe they are trying to cause trouble, trolling.
28-12-2008, 15:41
As per the resolution: It does look like it's a contradiction.

Looking at the post in question, I would have to assume that it is IC. It doesn't appear to be trolling. It's a controversial nation. There are others who talk IC who have radical ideas and have presented radical or controversial in their ways.

Another mod is free to rule on this.
28-12-2008, 15:41
Sorry, yes, should have clarified; the poster in question makes several, similar, comments
28-12-2008, 15:54
I've locked that thread.