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Pull Anti-Personnel Landmine Treaty for reediting

27-12-2008, 19:20
Anti Personnel Landmine Treaty
A resolution to slash worldwide military spending.

Category: Global Disarmament
Strength: Mild
Proposed by: Isamora

Description: World Assembly members provide security to their citizens and allies in times of war against aggressive internal and external threats including terrorists and rogue states. Wars are brutal with civilians accounting for most of the casualties once the conflict has ended.

World Assembly members unlike rogue nation-states or terrorists try to cut down on inflicting civilian casualties as they have the moral prorogative to maintain a conduct unknown to their enemies but allowes them to present their population with a "reasoning" for the conflict that befalls them.

Anti-personnel landmines is a destructive weapon that targets enemy forces. This weapon usually targets innocent civilians though especially children who think it is a toy. And this weapon still remains in effect long after the conflict is over.


Landmines are an incinery explosive device that are manufactured to be placed on the ground concealed from view so it cannot be deactivated by enemy forces. It is intended to explode when triggered by an operator or in proximity to a vehicle, person, or animal. Landmines are commonly used to ensure that the opposing force cannot use the area for its’ tactical advantage.

Resulting Effect:

Anti-personnel landmines are controversial as they remain operational after the conflict is over usually resulting in the killing and injuring of civilians. When nations try to remove these hidden weapons of destruction there is danger involved in deactivating landmines and it is slow and extremely costly work for a individual government.

Article 1 § The World Assembly shall assist fellow World Assembly member states recovering from conflict in mapping out where all landmines have been deployed on member state soil and by their militaries in internal and external conflicts that have gone "cold".

Article 2 § The World Assembly shall thus ask Member States to volunteer specially trained landmine deactivators to go to these "cold" conflicts and educate civilians on the dangers of landmines and where they are currently located with up to date maps as stated in Artile 1§.
1) These volunteers will be called the Landmine Deactivation Unit or LDU.

Article 3 § These (LDU) volunteers will then target anti-personnel landmines as they are the most threatening to civilian populations. The LDU volunteers will deactivate and destroy deactivated landmines in these areas.

Article 4 § The World Assembly shall thus halt the trade and distribution of anti-personnel landmines to arms dealers, non World Assembly Members and terrorist organizations classified as such by the World Assembly. and reduce anti-personnel landmines within each members arsenals in the next five years until their are no anti-personnel landmines in member states arsenals.

Article 5 § The Landmine Deactivation Unit will request volunteers and funding from World Assembly members. Member states on a voluntary basis will contributeto ending anti-personnel landmines. These volunteers shall thus never be sent to a conflict-zone unless it is "cold" for personnel safety, and for the risk of replanted landmines in areas thought deactivated. A cold conflict is thus referred to as a conflict where all hostilities have ceased and a peace deal is in place.

Approvals: 81 (Lygonia, Jimmy Hart, Floreria, Bataaf, Nothgual, Anchilla, Atanatari, Travancore-Cochin, Nurdia, Rolamec, Grosse-merde, Xanthal, East Kurdistan, New Old New New York, Alivad, Mushet, Linux and the X, Unitus Romanus, Minyos, Minndom, Integrum libertatis, Doncheadle, Menottowa, Winstoniea, Najasamapetilania, Lucanian Shires, Ventei, Punggol, Earth Worshippers, Estroban, Chazzistan, Rocco Mediate, Aleckastan, Nundenluss, North Ascension, Belarum, Eva Zeisel, Justron, The KAT Administration, Luna Amore, NarfNarf, Graalium, The Hyuga, MacEnthailand, Lyochia, Spam Virgins, Cognopolis, EVOO, Mykrr, Allied Norton, Recia, The Peppermint, Collectivity, JshBet8, Carnage n Destruction, Emblia, Aardovinia, Royal British States, Tripunithura, New Hacktonia, Lancaster 1957, Ubu-Rex, Hellenic Rebels, Wild Lands of North, Nemonicus, Quffuffull, Eastfield Lodge, Anemos Major, Blojenberg, Little Basses, Masclins, Brunelian BG advocates, Borritania, Neo Ozia, Tir nan Cleireach, Noomovia, Steadfest, Vryland, South Lorenya, The Higher Rising, Black Rhino)

Can you please pull this resolution.
28-12-2008, 06:43