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Moderator needed on WA forum

24-12-2008, 19:31
*glares at various mods for ignoring us -- and on Christmas!*

All of these duplicate "re-drafting" threads are unnecessary. Please merge/nuke as needed. Thank you.
24-12-2008, 22:22
Ye gods, you and QoD, what ya doin', practising for the team nagging events?
Gimme a minute, I've just gotta get the cat out of the seasoning ...

Translation: right now, it's not urgent. We'll get to it when we get to it.

*grudgingly* Thanks for the heads-up. It really is a problem, and one of us will do a sticky or sump'n.
25-12-2008, 09:26
Okay, merged or closed 'em, depending on need.

Re-reading Kryozerkia's earlier comment to QoD, I have to agree, she's right: the people who really need to read stickies are precisely the ones who don't.

So let's see what a period of intensive weeding will do. In this post ( I've suggested some alternatives for newbies. I'll edit it if you suggest any fixes:

For the information of new nations, it's easier on the rest of us if you keep all versions of a resolution in a single drafting thread.

You can keep editing the post in which you've printed the original version, showing alterations in a different colour type, or you can just add the latest version below the original, then identify them as "First version" and "Current version" (probably easier on the eyes, depending on how many versions you go through).

Oh -- and please, please run them through SpellCheck.

Then more experienced WA members can link newcomers to this. Other than that, don't reply in duplicate threads and drop a line here each time you notice a double-up.
Bears Armed
28-12-2008, 07:33
We've got another one (
28-12-2008, 07:45
Ta, fixed it.