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Moving a thread please

23-12-2008, 19:44
EDIT: OH MODS I summon thee. I know the hour is late but someone has besmirched the internation incidents forum. Oh great mods I call upon you to delete or remove this thread. ( If you do I promise you 500 cookies, 200 glasses of milk, and 30 small children for slave working.

This Thread ( has wrongly been placed in the international incidents forum. I believe it belongs in the general forum or in the wa forum. It is also I believe considered spam however I am unsure. We would be much obliged if a moderator could move or remove this thread.

And I am not sure but I also believe this is another spam thread ( If it is not then my bad.

Thank you very much.
24-12-2008, 01:13
Done, and done.
24-12-2008, 06:33
Thank you very much, Have a happy holidays. Whether it be hannukah or christmas. Or even Kwanza.
24-12-2008, 13:18
Happy Holidays to you too. :)