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Nominating someone for moderation...

Heikoku 2
21-12-2008, 02:12
I don't quite know how this works, but I'd like to nominate Cameroi for moderator - or otherwise suggest he could become a good mod. His posts are often insightful and very polite, and I've never seen anything hurtful or offensive in them. He seems very mature to me (not sure I'm one to talk about maturity, but whatever) and I just overall feel he'd be good...

I hope campaigning for someone else to BECOME a mod isn't a moddable offense in and of itself. :p
21-12-2008, 02:25
*high-fives Heikoku*

Attaboy, Heikoku! Player nominations, way to go, we love 'em, we give cookies, we praise and stroke folk who nominate others (but I'm embarrassing you, so I'll stop short of fluffles).

There's a few details needed, and this post ( sets them out, with an email addy to send 'em to.

BTW, anyone else who has an opinion on the subject, don't post here. Your views are welcome and influential, but the place to express them is set out above.
Heikoku 2
21-12-2008, 03:41
I'm embarrassing you

No, you're not. I have a HUGE, overinflated ego, remember? :p

Edit: Holy crap, it's the first time in ages I get a POSITIVE response from a mod. :p
21-12-2008, 04:48
Suck-up ;)
21-12-2008, 05:43
No, you're not. I have a HUGE, overinflated ego, remember? :p

Oh, very well.

Ardchoille and friends shield faces from utter unbelievable awesomeness that is Heikoku:

Now shoo, that's as much appreciation as I can muster.