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Reviving a Deleted Nation

Jackson mock
13-12-2008, 14:22
My region,the new space age used to have 50 nations and over a couple of months there is five. I was halo1994 and my friend hacked my account and did bad things to it. Now halo1994 is banned. But i trying to come back And get more people. We HAd war over this region called the palace of rock and won. they gave up. Iwas wandering If i can get my account unbanned
Bears Armed
13-12-2008, 14:41
(DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a Mod...)

It's an extremely rare occurrence for the Mods to un-ban an acccount: I'm fairly sure that it only ever happens in the immediate aftermath of the banning, if a 'second opinion' decides then that banning was an over-reaction to whatever bad behaviour was involved. As the Mods can't see who's behind a computer they can't know that it was somebody who'd hacked your account rather than you yourself who misbehaved, so they've said elsewhere that they have to react to the actual accounts and disregard people's claims that "It wasn't me, it was my brother / friend / classmate / dog / enemy / whatever, honest!", so I don't think they'll un-ban your old nation.

But anyway, this question really belongs in the 'Moderation' section of the forums rather than in this area...
13-12-2008, 17:37
Bears Armed is correct. A nation that has been deleted or banned by a mod for a violation of rules will not be restored.