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Trolling *sigh* again…

Steel Butterfly
13-06-2008, 22:20

“Ruffy” decides, that in a forum with talks about favorite superhero, why you shouldn’t be afraid to room with homosexuals, why Obama iz teh Moslim!!!111, and other equally ridiculous yet perfectly fine topics, that a discussion about a video game, which has happened plenty of times before, is out of place in NSG:

Why are we talking about this on a political forum?

I figure, you know what, I might as well defend my tiny little thread here, so I reply rather matter-of-factly:

Why do people talk about half of the things they do on NationStates General? Scan the's certainly not all politics.

But then, Il Ruffino reveals his true intentions: trolling:

But one would assume you are above the off-topic banter my dear Spam Brigade partakes in.

You’ll notice it neither addresses the topic of the thread or is in any relation to anything that has anything to do with the thread. It’s not even an off-topic comment. It’s just trying to get me to respond, i.e. trolling. I point out this fact:

And that would be a fine assumption to make, considering that each and every post so far in this thread had been about Metal Gear and/or gaming consoles, which happens to be the topic, until you decided to troll. Get over yourself.

“Ruffy” decides that this isn’t enough, though. He has to bring up something that is already long-done with and show that he was just trying to prove a point by spiting me in a thread I made:

I love how your "Get a blog" B.S. is perfectly fine, but me making a comment is trolling.

You're lovely, never change.

Realizing that I’m simply being trolled, I try to suggest to Il Ruffino that we take this argument to another medium:

*Rolls eyes*

Me saying "Get a blog" to a poster is at most, mean-spirited. It's not flaiming, it's not trolling, it's not really anything. You coming into this thread with the specific intent of driving it off-topic with personal attacks is, by definition, trolling. It's really not a matter of opinion, sorry to say.

My problem with you isn't that you "just made a comment." You asked a question "Why are we talking about this on a political forum" and I answered it. You then decided that my answer was an invitation for trolling. You were mistaken. Have a problem with me? Send me a telegram.

This wasn’t the right solution for “Ruffy” however, who decided to reply some more, this time “fixing” my post to add words to it that mock and *gasp* troll me some more, as well as just bickering about pointless crap like what the definition of trolling is as well as his “unstated intent.”

More than most, I’m willing to argue with anyone, but this is just stupid. It’s a thread about a stated video game, which has happened many time before, and it was thoroughly hijacked and trolled all over by Il Ruffino, a poster who celebrates spam. I answered his original question in good faith, only to have it turn out to be trolling, and then attempted once to stop the pointless argument and once to move it to another medium. None of it worked.

I’m tired of this shit. Could a mod please remove all of "Ruffy's" postings from a thread that without them was going along just fine, as well as my responses to Ill Ruffino? This sort of blatant griefing has no place on this site, in my opinion.
IL Ruffino
13-06-2008, 23:06
I'm too lazy to give a damn, but I'd like to point out that my intent was never to troll, and so I never did.

Yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah boohoo, I have better things to do.

IL Ruffino
13-06-2008, 23:45
o wayt u kno wut?

SB was baiting me.

Accusing me of trolling when I obviously wasn't?

Do I have to make a new thread for this, or will this poast suffice?
Steel Butterfly
14-06-2008, 01:07

14-06-2008, 01:53
What is this "Ignore" function I keep hearing so much about? I think Steel Butterflys has his steel panties in a wad. Maybe if he'd stop rubbing his steel twat, he'd think of something more worthwhile to do.

Warned for flaming.

Warnings have been handed out to everyone except IL Ruffino and Steel Butterfly, who are the ONLY people other than the mod team who have any right to post here with a MODS ONLY label in the first post.

I'll look at the rest of this debacle now.

RhynoD. IL Ruffino, warned for hijacking.

Now scram, all of you.
IL Ruffino
14-06-2008, 03:27
So SB gets nothing for partaking in this hijacking?

I disagree with this ruling.
14-06-2008, 03:43
Right, because your discussion of his posting habits, your spamming, and your opinion of him clearly is on topic, and clearly had nothing to do with the thread hijack. :rolleyes: