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Thread jacking / trolling

The Atlantian islands
01-02-2008, 00:32

This post was made:
Gold standard and each state having its own currency ftw!

AFER I said this:
I'm just gonna sit back and laugh at all the people using this thread to take shots at Dr. Paul.

Stop derailing this's obviously about McCain and his lack of understanding of economics, and if he has a good enough understanding to become has NOTHING to do with Dr. Paul and Paul is only mentioned as part of a conversation with McCain in which McCain showed his lack of knowledge of economics.

If you want to make another thread about Paul's (correct) economic views, do so. This is not the place. Get back on track or I'll assume that you all are too junior enough to understand the economics in discussion and possibly report a thread-jacking to the mods.

He even QUOTED my warning post and trolled in reply to it.

He proceeded to troll and bring the topic off track, even after I very clearly asked for people not to. The thread has nothing to do with Paul nor his economics, but rather McCain. Paul is in it only during a conversation with McCain...but I am not discussing him. The OP AND the POLL are directed towards McCain's politics.