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Mad hatters in jeans
19-01-2008, 22:08
General Forum.
This thread seems to be getting a little hot.e.g.
"No, because you suck."
"Didn't you fuck everything up enough last time?"
Something to watch for i think.
20-01-2008, 04:34
Nobody seems to be taking it too personally so far ... :
in the sense that it's a group of people/movement, and no posters taking issue with each other, and here neither:
I suspect any time anyone brings up certain methods of governing styles with empires that someone will express dissatisfaction .... but none of that (as yet) appears on a personal level against any other poster.
20-01-2008, 06:44
Thanks for the heads-up, Mad hatters -- you're keeping it cool yourself, too.

Fellow stroppy colonials, remember: provoke the Brits too far and they'll bring on their dreaded SDH (Self-Deprecating Humour).